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We are able to deliver the value to the clients following processes which are widely understood by client and are collaborative in nature. We strive to involve maximum stakeholders at early stage of design process so that there is ample scope for synergy. The deliverable is always measured in tangible benefits to the clients business.

Elements of the Process
User study :
Our process is user-centred, the vitality of the solution lies in the extent of focus which can be given for user research. Contextual Inquiry, Questionnaire, Surveys are some of the methods we follow.
Business study :
Market and competitor study, study of logistics and operations details affecting business, study of products and brands and other studies which affect value delivery.
Analysis :
Attributes and scenarios are created to analyse challenges and opportunities related to technology, market and other business needs.
Design :
Brainstorming methods and other ideation methods are used to work on design ideas to address the needs framed in the analysis phase.
Detailing and Prototyping :
Providing the details of the product or service configuration and features and making a tangible prototype of the same for evaluation. This could also involve activities such as pilot production to validate the solution in case of physical product systems.